11 Quotes From “My Mad Fat Diary” That Really Resonated With Me This Season

Thought Catalog

My Mad Fat DiaryMy Mad Fat Diary

Every once in while, there comes a TV show that can literally change your perspective on the world. My Mad Fat Diary just may be one of those shows. Rae Earl is a broken girl: struggling with hiding her mental illness, wanting to lose her virginity, falling in love, trying to fit into a ‘gang,’ getting along with her mother, and dealing with her lack of self-esteem – all the while tracking every bit of her life in a diary given to her by her therapist after she gets out of the hospital for trying to kill herself. In doing all of this, she realizes that she is mildly self-absorbed and every single person around her is having very deep struggles of their own. After you watch this show, you will question so many decisions in your life and try to find the root of how you…

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